GRO | Ref: 5073781

GRO Global Wash Degreaser 1 L.

_GRO Global Wash Degreaser 1 L. | 5073781 | Greenland MX_

GRO | Ref: 5073781

GRO Global Wash Degreaser 1 L.

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Technical details

GRO Global Wash Degreaser

GRO Global Wash Degrease is a multipurpose direct-use detergent (no prior dilution is required) for the cleaning of dirt, oil and grease on all types of surfaces: plastics, metals, chrome, glass, paint, leather, rubber, etc. Requires rinsing after application.

Formulated with a special mixture of highly effective detergents and surfactants, which gives extraordinary results without affecting any element of the motorcycle.

The product is applied by spraying on the surface and rinsed later.

On dirtier surfaces, a second sponge wash and a subsequent rinse with water can be performed.


  • It is applied directly, without the need to prepare mixtures or dilutions.
  • Used regularly, it effectively protects against corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • Dries without leaving stains.
  • Extraordinary efficiency, which allows 5 to 7 washes to be done with a single liter of product.
  • Gives shine to metal surfaces.
  • It does not contain acids and does not attack any surface (metals, paints, chrome, plastics, leather, rubber, etc.).
  • Viscosity at 25ºC: 3cSt
  • Ph: 7.5
  • Density: 1.02 gr / cm3
  • Color: blue
Brand GRO
Modality All
Compatibility Universal

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