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  • _100% Lens Accuri Clear Kids | 2602-0516 | Greenland MX_
    €10,89 €9,50

  • _Fox Vue Standard Lens | 21648-005-OS | Greenland MX_
    €18,00 €16,99

  • _KTM AFC Works Double Lens Clear | 3PW192810006 | Greenland MX_

Lenses and screens for goggles

We can wear the best goggles available on the market, but if the lenses are scratched or do not adapt to the current light conditions, our visibility will be hampered. It is very important to be equipped with different types of spare lenses for varying light conditions. GreenlandMX offers you a wide range of different types of lenses: clear, smoked, mirrored, dual lens, anti-fog.