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  • _Prox Honda CR 80 93-02 Front Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit | 37.63003 | Greenland MX_
    €24,10 €20,68
  • _Prox Honda CRF 250 R 04 Carburetor Repair Kit | 55.10328 | Greenland MX_
    €42,46 €38,25

Repair kits for the maintenance of your Off-Road bike.

Repair kits allow you to repair or renew any Off-Road bike simply and fast, because our kits include all you need to perform your repair work. Thus we save time and money, avoiding long lists of retainers and bearings, since these kits include all the parts required to perform this task. Update your bike with our wide range of repair kits for wheels, swingarms, connecting rods, carburetors, brake pumps and brake calipers, steering unit, countershaft seal kits - everything just one click away!