GRO | Ref: 5091199

Gro Chain Lube 200 ML

_Gro Chain Lube 200 ML | 5091199 | Greenland MX_

GRO | Ref: 5091199

Gro Chain Lube 200 ML

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Technical details

Gro Chain Lube 200 ML

Global racing oil chain lube is formulated to be safe to use on all types of final drive chains.

Global chain lube is based on special polymers that are highly resistant to breaking down under the load generated between the drive chain and sprockets, giving maximum protection and longer life.

The foaming action when applied reduces over spray and absorbs within the chain to give maximum cover chain lube properties:

Formulated with an anti wear additive to reduce friction between surfaces.

  • Waterproof.
  • Protection against oxidation.
  • Non flammable.
  • No fling when penetrated into the chain.
  • Last longer to give longer intervals between having to reapply
  • Viscosity index 131.
  • Flash point 252ºC.
  • Freezing point -4ºC.
  • Oxidation test ASTM D-685.
  • (in distilled water) Pass.
  • (in salt water) Pass.
  • Colour Dark amber.
  • Foaming application.
  • Meets specifications: Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, KTM,
  • Recommended by: GAS GAS MOTORCYCLES.
Brand GRO
Modality All
Compatibility Universal

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