ELF | Ref: 213973

ELF Coolant Organic 1 Litre

_ELF Coolant Organic 1 Litre | 213973 | Greenland MX_


ELF | Ref: 213973

ELF Coolant Organic 1 Litre

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Technical details

ELF Coolant Organic

  • Moto Coolant Organic is recommended for all water-cooled motorcycle engine cooling systems.
  • Effective against freezing and engine overheating, it is ready-to-use, mixed with de-ionised water in order to eliminate the risk of scale deposits.
  • The anti-corrosion protection provided by the organic additives is effective at least twice as long as all onventional additives as they do not wear out. Coolant drain intervals are extended.
  • Meets the requirements of the main international standards for coolants.
  • Provides an effective solution to the problems of corrosion encountered on all materials used in cooling systems, and in particular on aluminium alloys.
  • The organic additive based formula generates no deposits and leaves surfaces clean, remains effective throughout its use.
  • The additives in Moto Coolant Organic give the fluid an alkalinity reserve and resistance to bubbling (in order to neutralise the acidity from the combustion gases) and resistance to bubbling.
Brand Elf
Modality All
Compatibility Universal

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