JMT | Ref: 7070041

JMT Lithiumbatterie HJTZ7S-FP

_JMT Lithiumbatterie HJTZ7S-FP | 7070041 | Greenland MX_

JMT | Ref: 7070041

JMT Lithiumbatterie HJTZ7S-FP

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Tech. Details
Lithium-ion battery JMT HJTZ7S-FP. High tech starting power, ready to go and completely charged! This lithium-ion battery fits with the two terminal connectors and the variable height in a various motorcycles. With the integrated charging electronics the battery is fully compatible to the 12-volts system. An upgrade to the on-board power supply is not necessary. This battery provides an unequaled high starting power of 105 amps which is unmatched by any comparable acid, MF or gel battery. The weight amounts to only about 25% of the replaced battery. Electronic Balancer: The optimal and uniform charge state of all cells is ensured by the built-in processor. The battery is easily charged from the electrical system. Spacer: The battery is equipped with distance pieces and sticky tapes, so that it fits precisely in the battery box. Indicator:The battery is equipped with an indicator for the state of charge. Three LEDs indicate by pressing a button on the charge state. Technology: As a cathode material iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is used and uses the lithium polymer production procedure. Technology and production procedure guarantee the highest safety standard with lithium batteries. Waterproof: The battery is completely waterproof and is not damaged, even if the motorcycle is cleaned with high pressure. Tecnical data: Voltage: 12 volts Capacity: 4 Ah (Ampere/hour) equivalent to a 11 Ah gel battery Variaton: maintenance-free lithium-ion battery Starting Amps: 105 A (Ampere) Lenght: 113 mm Width: 69 mm Height: 85 - 105 mm, Weight: 470 g Connector: from above, from the front, screws included Polarity: as shown in the picture two poles Manufacturer: JMT Replaces the following battery types: YTZ7S YTX7L-BS
Marken JMT
Modalität Alle
Primärmaterial Lithium

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